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Letter: Cutting foreign aid would help America

Cutting foreign aid would help America

I have recently seen articles that claim the United States budget could be helped if domestic programs were cut. Maybe over a 10-year period, as much as 10 percent could be saved. It would be interesting to know why there is all this attention on domestic programs, and we hear nothing about cutting foreign aid. President Kennedy once warned the world that the United States is not an endless horn of plenty.

I have seen comments that note if all foreign aid were stopped, our national debt would be paid off in 10 years. The Oct. 20 edition of The News had an article headlined “U.S. quietly releases $1.6 billion in Pakistan economic, military aid.” How did that come about? The industrial military establishment have a hand in that? What political lobby influenced that decision?

I don’t believe it is right to discontinue all foreign aid, but certainly there should be some significant cuts so my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will not have to continue to carry the weight of these debt issues throughout their lives.

We Americans have to say, enough is enough.

How much longer can we carry so many countries on our backs and continue to burden our heirs with this problem? Why can’t foreign aid be substantially cut?

Daniel J. Lange

North Tonawanda

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