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Kara A. Buscaglia, Candidate for Amherst Town Justice

Kara A. Buscaglia

Candidate for Amherst Town Justice

Lines on ballot: Democratic, Conservation, Working Families, Independent

Age: 35

Number of years living in town: entire life

Occupation/Employer: attorney, solo practitioner

Top campaign platform agendas:

When I started this campaign I knew that I wanted to promote integrity, honesty, maturity and fairness. I have done this throughout my campaign and I will continue to act in this manner. I have focused my campaign on meeting and listening to the supporters I have been engaging with each week. I work transparently, and if elected, I look forward to serving my community honorably. If elected I would serve this community with pride and would treat the individuals that stand before the court with the dignity and respect they deserve. I earned all of my accomplishments and achievements through hard work and perseverance and feel these qualities would transfer seamlessly to the bench.

Biggest issues facing the town:

I think that the biggest issue in the town, relating to the Town Court, is the at risk youth. There has been an increase in drug use throughout our community, especially by our youth. It is present in our schools and it has led to an increase in crime at all levels. The youth in our community that come through the court system need to learn that their behavior is detrimental to their future. This can be done through the many programs already present in the court, including the stop shoplifting course, community service, the First Time Last Time Program and the drug court. I have been involved in all of these programs over the past 11 years. It is important to intervene immediately with the participation of their parents, and help these young people who find themselves in trouble.

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