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New weapon lubricant accomplishes three tasks

Three newly released or functionally improved products have been introduced this fall to make this year’s hunting season go more smoothly.

• As long as hunters have owned shooting sticks the problem of too much or too little lubrication has been an ongoing issue. Rand Brands, a Westport, Conn., company with a Rochester-based distribution system, has just introduced a gun lubricating product that cleans, lubricates and protects gun finishes all in one.

RandCLP does not contain solid lubricants. It has a vegetable oil base that works through all phases of gun use. Available in 4- and 2-ounce bottles, RandCLP nano cleaner/lubricant portions also are packaged in a Rip & Drip packet, which is a handy size for one firearm.

The system begins with a thorough cleaning of whatever cleaning and lubricating products were in the barrel, on the slides, springs and on all other internal and external parts of a pistol, shotgun or rifle.

Test firings of 100 and 200 rounds resulted in smooth performances, relatively clean surfaces throughout and a firearm set to continue firing or to go into storage until another time for use.

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• Black Widow Deer Lures is a product Andy Bogulski of Angola has been marketing successfully since 1997.

Bogulski specializes in scents for scrapes, doe-in-heat and dominant-buck attractants. “We now distribute our fresh products in 37 states,” he said of his natural lures. “In comparing the color of our products, others are brown,” he pointed out.

He added that advanced processing and freezing may preserve color, but “…it also destroys all the molecules and fat cells that slowly release the hormones and pheromones, which are what attract the deer.”

Bogulski marks each product for the current season and withdraws unsold items at the end of the hunting season. All Black Widow scents can be stored at room temperature or out in the garage in places above freezing. “Just don’t set the bottle anywhere in direct sunlight and it will be good for all season,” he suggests.

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• Nationally, Whitetail Research continues as the number-one name in cover and attractant scent products. Hunters and trappers can find scents to attract with every product from Red Fox Urine to Moose Juice.

The main focus started in 1983 with deer lures (Trails End No. 307) and expanded to all kinds of lures and masking scents. For several seasons, Wildlife Research 99 percent Scent Killer has been the most used cover scent across North America.

Difficult to believe, researchers have come up with a 99 percent Gold series with a Hunt Dry additive that can be applied to outer hunting garments days before or during a hunt and the liquid not only masks scents, but it also functions as a water repellant for up to 10 days.

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