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Letter: Congress continues to act against the nation’s benefit

Congress continues to act against the nation’s benefit

Demagogue – one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to “audiences” he knows to be idiots. H.L. Mencken’s definition years ago most certainly applies today. We’ve just witnessed them in Congress.

There are a couple in the Senate and a handful in the House. And we’ve seen their audiences demanding the reopening of federal monuments and memorials from President Obama, while the demagogues who shut down government stand before them, receiving their cheers.

The radical few in Congress, who encourage sedition and who want government brought to its knees, depend on these intellects in camouflage for encouragement and support.

It is these radicals who have forced the hands of two local congressmen, Chris Collins and Tom Reed, to oppose the will of the people and vote to default on our debt and keep the shutdown.

They followed orders of the tea party to defund the Affordable Care Act, even though impossible, and also oppose a budget their own party sought and won from the president, months ago. They rail against deficits and our debt, yet voted for this needless shutdown that just added $24 billion to it.

Now we have only a two-month reprieve before the next set of demands and another threat of default and government closure. Tea party extortionists would oppose a beautiful sunrise if, indeed, ever favored by the president or his party.

Leonard Gross

East Amherst

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