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Trivia Quiz / By Donald Saltz

1. Do all mammals have hair?

2. In Biblical times, who was the father of Solomon?

3. What bodies of water are linked by the Suez Canal?

4. Identify the alphabet that uses raised dots.

5. What is the function of the gallbladder?

6. How many ounces in a gallon?

7. Does the foxhound have small or large ears?

8. What musical instrument did jazz immortal Jelly Roll Morton play?

9. Who wrote the best-selling book “The Color Purple”?

10. What are the two kinds of panda?


1. Yes.

2. David.

3. The Mediterranean and Red Seas.

4. Braille.

5. The liver produces gall, or bile, part of which is stored in the gallbladder for use in digesting fatty foods.

6. 128 ounces.

7. Large. Normally, they are long and droopy.

8. Piano.

9. Alice Walker.

10. Giant panda and lesser panda.

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