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Ron Pilozzi, Candidate for City of Tonawanda mayor

Ron Pilozzi

Candidate for City of Tonawanda mayor (incumbent)

Lines on Ballot: Republican, Conservative, Independence

Age: 66

Number of years living in city: 28

Occupation/Employer: Mayor, City of Tonawanda

Top campaign platform agendas:

• Economic development to boost business and improve the City tax base – we’ve begun and must continue.

• Continue revitalization of our neighborhoods through enforcement of housing codes, incentives for property improvement, and assistance to homeowners who need financial help to improve their homes. My office has partnered with Erie County Dept. of Environment and Planning to bring $878,400 in the last 4 years to help in this effort to protect and improve our neighborhoods.

Biggest issues facing the town:

• The federal government is mandating $20 million of sewer system improvements over 10 years. This will be difficult for the City to afford and will require improvement of our tax base.

• I’ve negotiated a contract (requiring council approval) which allows tax breaks for new housing in exchange for all infrastructure improvements done solely at the developer’s expense and my opponent opposes this. The City will only be responsible for police and fire protection. Snow plowing, garbage pickup and future infrastructure repair and improvements will be the responsibility of the homeowners.

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