MAYVILLE – Mary Taglianetti broke down on the witness stand Friday as she recounted her longing to take her relationship with Clymer Schools Superintendent Keith L. Reed Jr. to another level.

Taglianetti grabbed a tissue and dabbed at her eyes as she acknowledged to defense attorney Nathaniel Barone that she had wanted to see Reed in person more often in 2010, after the two had met through the online dating site,

Taglianetti and Reed frequently traded emails, texts, and phone calls – often sexually graphic – during a two- to three-month period in 2010 when Taglianetti left her husband, Anthony R. “Rob” Taglianetti II.

Taglianetti is accused of fatally shooting Reed in September 2012.

Mary Taglianetti and Reed met in person just once – on a date at a Cheesecake Factory in Albany in August 2010.

Mary Taglianetti said she and Reed had sex in his car after dinner.

She did not see him again after their brief affair, and she returned to Virginia in September 2010 to reconcile with her husband.

Mary Taglianetti also explained that she told her husband about the affair with Reed.

Mary Taglianetti and Reed reconnected in the spring of 2012.


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