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Letter: Vote out representatives who continue to do nothing

Vote out representatives who continue to do nothing

Now that our do-nothing Congress has decided to allow hundreds of thousands of workers to return to their jobs, is our country any more solvent?

They did nothing but throw our economy a lifeline for several more months. Then they can start this charade all over again. No one in Congress suffered as their pay continued, their blue-ribbon health care remained in effect, their elite dining continued and their gym facilities remained open. Of course, there was a loss of $24 billion to our econom, but that our hard-working Congress gave little attention.

We are responsible for the representation we have. Term after term we return the same do-nothing individuals to office. In fact we allow them to fix the game.

Districts are shaped so it is difficult to remove them. Election laws are written so it is difficult for an independent to get on the ballot. Millionaires or those supported by them buy themselves into Congress. Who do you think they represent once they get there? There are petitions all over the Internet fruitlessly demanding the removal of congressmen and congresswomen. These are a waste of time as they are not legal.

What can we do? Well, if you had an eight percent proficiency rate on your job you would be fired. So as you go to vote, vote against every incumbent and if the winners don’t represent the wishes of the people, vote them out next term. This is the only power we have, as the books are cooked and most candidates are controlled by special interests.

There is an exception here and there. Rep. Brian Higgins has done more for our region than any representative I can remember. Isn’t it interesting that he has the lowest campaign chest of any major politician in our area? It points out dramatically that if you do your job you don’t have to buy an election.

Will things change next election? I doubt it, as the same ineffective representatives will probably buy themselves another term and the fruitless petitions and complaints will continue on the Internet.

Allen F. Scioli


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