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Letter: Nation’s leaders are real bullies toward citizens

Nation’s leaders are real bullies toward citizens

It is no wonder there is so much bullying going on in and out of our schools. Our children see our national leaders bullying the nation, threatening force to get others to agree with them, harming hundreds of thousands of innocent people and spending billions each day to keep our government hostage.

They say they are doing it to help our country! How can they be helping us by costing innocent government workers their salary and, consequently, costing the nation billions a day?

They say they are holding the nation hostage and hurting hundreds of thousands to reduce our medical expenses. All the while not to move forward toward changes in our medical care costs us more each day. Every day the uninsured are not covered by medical insurance, they cost us in this area $1,200 to $1,500 each time they go to the emergency room rather than their own physician.

They say we are being forced to pay for insurance. And we should. Everyone receives emergency medical treatment. Why shouldn’t everyone contribute to the cost of health care? Those same people don’t say we shouldn’t pay taxes or for driver’s insurance or any other socially required fee we currently pay.

But the big issue is bullying to get their way. Stop the bullying.

Richard Tahara


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