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Victim was warned by Taglianetti’s wife

MAYVILLE – The night before Keith L. Reed Jr. went missing, Mary Taglianetti warned the Clymer Central Schools superintendent by email that her husband, Anthony R. “Rob” Taglianetti II, could be violent and might be coming after him.

A visibly upset Rob Taglianetti had discovered lurid emails between his wife and Reed, and at about 11 p.m. Sept. 20, 2012, he packed up his bags, brushed his teeth and stormed out of the couple’s Woodbridge, Va., home, Mary Taglianetti recounted Thursday during the trial of her now ex-husband, who is accused of killing Reed.

Rob Taglianetti didn’t say a word about what he was doing before he left that Thursday night in a gold Buick Regal. But Mary Taglianetti had seen him doing a search on Google of Reed’s name, and she suspected her husband was headed on a 350-mile trip to Clymer to confront Reed.

She sent frantic text messages to Taglianetti, urging him to turn around and come home. Then, she turned her attention to Reed, the man she met two years earlier through an online dating site.

At 10:58 p.m., she urged Reed to call in sick Friday and not go to the school.

“I’m worried he will go there. He is prone to violence,” Mary Taglianetti wrote in her email.

She followed up with another email seven minutes later: “I’m so sorry Keith.”

Mary Taglianetti never heard back from Reed. She was relieved to learn from her husband by text message late Friday or early Saturday that the two men hadn’t met.

“He indicated that Keith was out of town and that he never saw him,” she told jurors.

Mary Taglianetti noticed a large bruise on her husband’s head when he returned home at about 8 a.m. Sept. 22. He blamed it on bumping into a porch light.

Rob Taglianetti took his son to a Washington, D.C., museum, then fell asleep in the afternoon and slept through the night. The following morning, Mary and her children went to church. Rob stayed home.

The couple talked on the phone later on, and he was crying, she said. “He said he felt like a failure and a hypocrite. I tried to encourage him. I said get some rest.”

When she returned home, he had left a note on the kitchen table, saying he needed to “get away and work out some things.”

Rob Taglianetti returned two days later, took a shower, told his wife he quit his job as oral historian for the U.S. Marines and grabbed some things from the shed before departing again.

Mary Taglianetti’s earlier relief about her husband’s trip to New York turned into panic Sept. 25.

That afternoon, curious to see what her husband had found online days before, she did the same Google search on Reed.

Her search revealed that Reed, 51, had been fatally shot, and authorities in Chautauqua County were asking anyone with information about the crime to call them.

“As soon as I saw that, I was panicky, and I reached for the phone and dialed the number,” she said.

She spoke with Sheriff Joseph A. Gerace for about an hour.

“She called us to give information on Keith Reed’s homicide,” Gerace said during his brief testimony Thursday morning.

Gerace ordered a BOLO, or “be on the lookout” bulletin, for Rob Taglianetti based upon the information provided by his wife.

Gerace also said that he contacted police in Taglianetti’s hometown in Virginia to send a patrol car to the Taglianetti home because Mary Taglianetti “was in fear for her life.”

Two Virginia police officers showed up at the home within an hour, and Mary and the couple’s four children went to stay in a hotel.

The Taglianettis divorced two months ago, and Mary Taglianetti has been living with her parents near Albany.

Rob Taglianetti, 43, was unusually fidgety during his wife’s testimony, tapping his right hand to his thigh when she entered the courtroom and trembling as she read back some of her email correspondence with Reed.

Mary Taglianetti and Keith Reed, a divorced father of three daughters, met in person just a single time in 2010.

Mary Taglianetti was separated from her husband and living with her parents when she and Reed connected through an online dating site.

They communicated by telephone, email and text messages for two or three months before having dinner together in an Albany restaurant in August of 2010.

Mary Taglianetti decided to reconcile with her husband after her date with Reed, but in April 2012 she reconnected with the Clymer superintendent through Facebook.

Soon, the pair again were emailing, calling and texting back and forth and their communications often were sexual, Mary Taglianetti said.

Rob Taglianetti discovered one of the sexually explicit emails when his wife accidentally left her account open and failed to delete the message.

He reacted by sending his own angry email to Reed in early August: “Congratulations, you have destroyed my family. Do you know we have four kids?”

Later emails between Reed and Mary Taglianetti seemed to suggest that their online and telephone relationship was winding down.

But Rob Taglianetti elevated his threats, using Mary Taglianetti’s Yahoo email account to send messages to Reed.

“Don’t ever contact my wife again. If you do, I will find out what school system you work for and I will take action,” he wrote in an Aug. 28 email.

Then, on Sept. 20: “That’s your last warning. You [expletive] with my wife and I will mess your (expletive) up.”

And later the same day: “Don’t (expletive) respond to another email. I know where you are. I’m dead serious.”

An unshaven Taglianetti, wearing a tan sweatshirt and sunglasses on his head, showed up at Clymer Central School at about noon Sept. 21 and asked secretaries for an application to be a substitute teacher in the district. The surveillance video was shown to jurors on Thursday.

He also asked to see Keith Reed, who was at a conference for most of the day.

News Chautauqua Correspondent Susan Chiappone contributed to this report. email:

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