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Letter: Quinn is not portraying himself as someone else

Quinn is not portraying himself as someone else

I’m responding to the Oct. 19 News article wherein claims were made purporting that Hamburg Council candidate Mike Quinn is “attempting to confuse voters” into thinking he is a member of a prominent political family.

While he may be confused as being a member of the highly regarded Jack Quinn family, he has never claimed to be related. In truth, it has been quite the contrary.

Having just come to know Mike Quinn during my own campaign for highway superintendent, he and I have knocked on many doors together throughout Hamburg to introduce ourselves to residents and listen to their various concerns for the town. On these occasions, Mike was often asked if he was related to the Jack Quinn family. Each time Mike responded clearly with “No, I am my own Quinn,” and then he would go on to describe his own impressive Quinn and Gleason lineage.

I understand that this is a political season and we can sadly expect to hear allegations, innuendoes and half-truths, but the facts are what matter. The fact is, Mike Quinn is his own man; highly qualified, educated, motivated and will do right by Hamburg. He is hardworking, sincere, and has the town’s best interests at heart. My advice to Hamburg residents: Make educated choices and don’t fall victim to hearsay. Vote for Mike Quinn!

Ted Casey, candidate

Highway Superintendent


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