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Letter: People are being enslaved in the current economy

People are being enslaved in the current economy

“Report claims nearly 30 million in world are modern-day slaves” in the Oct. 17 News states: “In India, much of the traffic in enslaved domestic workers is organized by dubious employment agencies.”

If you read the financial pages of The News, you will see that temp organizations are expanding exponentially. Companies are not hiring full time because of the perks that go with the job, such as health care insurance. Companies do not have to provide any perks to temps and wages or salaries are minimized as well.

You might say that the United States would never revert to slavery to increase the bottom line of a business. Then it should surprise you that the United States is ranked 134th in the slavery poll, with 60,000 people in bondage.

The great recession has given employers motivation to race to the bottom in wages. The middle class is the driver of two-thirds of the economy in the United States.

Wages or salaries of the middle class enable the purchase of big-ticket items such as cars, homes, appliances, vacations, etc. As companies make this segment of the economy sterile, they have to fall back on the top five percent to buy their goods and services. This is a recipe for economic disaster. A boxer would tell you that the knockout punch is the one you never saw coming. The radical right in the House of Representatives could see the punch coming and still wanted to default on the debt.

So we have capitalists shrinking the middle class and radical politicians shrinking the federal government. What could possibly go wrong?

Richard Czarnecki


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