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Church split was predicted along social fault lines

The Oct. 19 News article concerning Augustana Lutheran Church reflects a phenomenon predicted by the Rev. Dr. Martin Marty some years ago. He said future divisions in the church would not be on the traditional issues such as those that affected the Roman/Orthodox/Reformation traditions. They would rather be splits in each of our Christian traditions over the conservative and the more open positions.

This has been dramatically demonstrated in the Episcopal and Lutheran traditions – and then we have the “Nuns-on-a-bus” phenomenon.

In the Protestant arena the issues seem to revolve around Biblical interpretation, which always turns out to be selective on the part of the conservatives. For example, Jesus never said anything about sexual orientation, but he did say a lot about divorce. Yet, the fundamentalists have about the same number of divorces as the average population. And so it goes.

The Rev. John A. Buerk


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