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Kidbits: for the younger set


“The Ghost Prison” by Joseph Delaney; Sourcebooks Fire, $12.99 (Grades 5 to 10).

Fifteen-year-old Billy is an orphan living at the Home for Unfortunate Boys in this very spooky novella from the author of the Last Apprentice series. The story, with scary black-and-white illustrations by Scott M. Fischer, is set in a time when a teenager might get a job as a prison guard.

Billy gets a job on the night shift guarding the castle prison. But he finds out it won’t be just criminals he’ll be guarding; the prison is haunted by the ghosts of executed prisoners. And when a terrible plague hits, he gets the scariest job of all: feeding the prisoner in the Witch Well. Delaney’s tale may be short, but it’s very scary and would make a great read-aloud to scare the guests at a Halloween party.

– Jean Westmoore


The Buffalo & Erie County Library will present Haunted History Tours at 4 p.m. today and 2 p.m. Saturday at the Central Library, Lafayette Square. Learn about the history of the library and all things spooky at the library during the one-hour tour. A film, “Haunted Library,” will be shown after the tour. For more information, call 858-8900 or visit


Do mummies give you the creeps? Did you ever wonder how the ancient Egyptians mummified the dead? Researchers today believe that, after removing the person’s lungs, stomach and intestines through a hole in the body, and removing the brain through the nose, priests used a special salt to dry out the body. They packed the skull with salt and plaster, removing the dead person’s real eyes and replacing them with artificial ones. Then they wrapped the body in linen treated with a special solution.

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