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Rev. Rick Maisano, Candidate for Cheektowaga Town Board

Rev. Rick Maisano

Candidate for Cheektowaga Town Board

Lines on Ballot: Republican, Conservative, Working Families, Independence

Age: 60

Number of years living in town: 27

Occupation/Employer: retired from General Motors; working part-time for Base Products Corp.

Top campaign platform agendas:

Term Limits is number one. As in most towns, family and friends of the politicians control the towns – bad for the taxpayer. I propose two terms – out. You could run for something else but not town council.

Do we wonder why this country is messed up? Look at Washington – some have “served” over 50 years!!

Also, part-time board members should not have full health care.

We need to lead by example. Our elderly cannot afford more taxes and we must stop this travesty of full health care for council members.

Biggest issues facing the town:

The number one issue I have is “tax creep.,” When the state raises taxes or fees – then the county, schools and town – we, especially our senior citizens, get hurt the most. They worked all their lives, sacrificed, and now watch their retirement and savings get eaten up by taxes and medical bills.

I, if voted in as a town councilman, will do everything in my power to reduce town taxes.

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