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Collins has proven himself to be a tea party loyalist

Congressman Chris Collins followed the tea party agenda completely these last three weeks voting to shut down the government and was one of only two New York congressmen to vote no on the final budget bill, which, if not passed, would have put the country in default.

That no vote on the final budget bill was the ultimate tea party position. It would have extended the government shut down and put the country into default, causing severe damage to our economy, exactly what they wanted. Collins was joined in this no vote with other radical right wing tea party devotees such as Rand Paul, Eric Cantor, Michele Bachmann, Steve King and Jeff Sessions.

Rus Thompson, the local tea party leader recently, said in public: “I have a direct line to Congressman Collins’ office.” Collins did everything in lock step with Sen. Ted Cruz, the tea party favorite. Now if you call Collins office he says he’s not a member of the tea party and he is trying to portray himself as a reasonable moderate in his statement to The News. Why then do your actions say you are a extreme radical right wing tea party member?

Actions speak louder than words congressman. Just be who you are and say who you are; you owe your constituents at least that much.

Bruce Kennedy

Orchard Park

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