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Jim Rogowski, Candidate for Cheektowaga Town Board

Jim Rogowski

Candidate for Cheektowaga Town Board (incumbent)

Lines on Ballot: Democratic, Conservative, Working Families

Age: 41

Number of years living in town: lifelong resident, including 24 years in Village of Sloan

Occupation/Employer: President/Lockport Robotics Inc. and teacher/Lockport City School District

Top campaign platform agendas:

• To manage and run a fiscally responsible government with the people, for the people.

• To provide great services and protection for residents at fair and workable costs.

• To provide training for our employees to help them be successful in their jobs, in turn helping residents of Cheektowaga, Sloan and Depew.

• Work with banks to maintain properties they possess, simply forcing banks to be a good neighbor like all residents of Cheektowaga.

• Continue to search out and bring in new companies to Cheektowaga, filling empty buildings, creating new buildings, creating jobs that pay a fair wage and fair benefits for an honest day’s work for all people.

• Continue working with the board to find grants for our parks, police and highway to beautify, protect and improve our town, creating a great quality of life for all families. Quality-of-life issues can be/are being addressed by the town board through working together, thinking outside the box and demanding only the best for everyone.

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