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Jenna N. Koch, Candidate for City of Tonawanda, 4th Ward Council

Jenna N. Koch

Candidate for City of Tonawanda, 4th Ward Council

Lines on Ballot: Democrat, Conservative, Working Families, Independence

Age: 31

Number of years living in city: 31

Occupation/Employer: Director of Human Resources/Absolut Care of Aurora Park.

Top campaign platform agendas:

• Promote, attract, and retain businesses to the City of Tonawanda including the 47 acres of vacant land of Spaulding Commerce Park.

• Work to ensure that our roads, sidewalks, and trees are properly maintained.

• Work with the residents, Town, and City to begin cleanup and stabilization of the “dump” behind Hackett Drive.

• Work with local and state officials to bring funding to our area.

• Ensure that our city remains fiscally responsible.

• Be a positive voice for the residents of the 4th ward.

Biggest issues facing the town:

• Little League Drive – Opposed to the current proposal for sale/development of land. The City and Natale Developers have a pending contract which (if passed by the council) will sell the land for 38% of its value and will give a 35% permanent tax break to those future homeowners. The current proposal sells the city short, is a raw deal, and is not in the best interest of our city.

• Spaulding Fibre – 47 acres of land has been vacant and ready for business for over 2 years. As an elected official, I will work tirelessly to promote, attract, and retain businesses to our area. It is time we bring a developer in to help beautify our City, generate revenue to our tax base, create jobs, and attract people to our area.

• Sewer Work – The City is mandated by the DEC to complete 20 million dollars in sewer improvements over the next 10 years. Taxpayers will see a significant increase to their water bills to subsidize these costs.

• Tonawanda Coke – As a member of the Clean Air Coalition it is imperative that we work to secure funding to our area, exercise clean air efforts, and complete soil/air testing.

• “Dump” behind Hackett Drive – It’s time this area was cleaned up to ensure the livelihood of our families.

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