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Passengers aboard a US Airways flight from Buffalo to Charlotte early Monday afternoon were delayed about an hour, after a flight attendant found an apparently threatening note during the flight in one of the plane’s lavatories.

“It was a threatening note that there would be harm to the plane, or words to that effect,” said one official with knowledge of the incident.

Flight 2045, which left Buffalo on schedule at about 11:58 a.m. Monday, landed in Charlotte without further incident at about 1:40 p.m.

Following normal protocol, the plane taxied to a secure area away from the terminal. The 124 passengers on board were taken off the plane while it was searched. They then reboarded the plane, before it taxied back to the terminal.

The roughly hour-long delay apparently caused some passengers to miss their connecting flights, but US Airways officials worked to rebook them on later flights.

No charges have been filed, as the FBI continues to investigate the incident.

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