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Stanley J. Kaznowski III, Candidate for Cheektowaga Town Board

Stanley J. Kaznowski III

Candidate for Cheektowaga Town Board (incumbent)

Lines on Ballot: Conservative, Working Families

Age: 56

Number of years living in town: lifelong resident

Occupation/Employer: General manager/Griffco Valve Inc.

Top campaign platform agendas:

During my current term, I’ve worked on a cost-cutting agenda that has lowered town expenses and will continue to lower expenses in the future.

As a member of the town negotiating team, we secured fair but cost-saving union contracts that reduce personnel up to 10 percent through attrition. Also, our town health care program was restructured, resulting in no increase in health care rates for 2014. These two steps will reduce taxes for our residents. I am committed to making further cost reductions, to drive down taxes, if I am re-elected.

From a quality of life standpoint, I introduced a landlord licensing law that holds absentee landlords accountable for their rental properties so our residents can enjoy quiet, clean neighborhoods. Enforcement of this legislation will be my first priority in the upcoming year.

Finally, being a first-ring suburb to the City of Buffalo, I believe in a strong, well-trained police force to make our streets safe for our residents.

Biggest issues facing the town:

1. TAXES: Reduce taxes by taking a hard line on reducing waste and cutting overhead expenses that do not directly affect neighborhood services.

2. PROPERTY ASSESSMENT: Form an independent oversight committee to review our property assessment procedures to make sure they are fair and equitable.

3. SAFE NEIGHBORHOODS: Reach out to our residents to more actively involve them with our police to make our neighborhoods safe.

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