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Nicole Gawel, candidate for Cheektowaga Town Board

Nicole Gawel

Candidate for Cheektowaga Town Board

Lines on Ballot: Republican, Independence

Age: 26

Number of years living in town: lifelong resident

Occupation/Employer: Development assistant/Friends of Night People

Top campaign platform agendas:

My top campaign platform agendas are transparency in the town, so that the constituents know what is going on at all times and can adequately question those in power; term limits – many council members stay in for far too long and instead of working for the people they collect a pay check; and accountability – the elected officials are not spending residents’ money conservatively enough.

Biggest issues facing the town:

The biggest issue facing the town is accountability. Right now, the town’s funds are misappropriated, which is why taxes keep increasing.

The town doesn’t spend within their means, like the constituents have to in order to run their homes and not end up facing foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Also, transparency is another big one. Right now, everything is hidden from the constituents and that’s not right. It’s your taxpayer money being spent with no explanations or access to what the funds are being spent on.

Cheektowaga needs to attract young families into town, as year after year the town population decreases and we lose our residents to Clarence, Amherst or East Aurora, or out of state.

Nepotism is also pretty rampant in Cheektowaga, with only a few family names being regurgitated and running Cheektowaga down to the ground even more.

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