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Higgins is a true leader who works hard for citizens

As my four plus years as an aide in Rep. Brian Higgins’ Washington, D.C., office comes to an end, I’ve been doing my share of reflecting. In short, I’m one lucky staffer.

His humble leadership and extraordinary vision in a region long void of it far expands the normal confines of a member of Congress. He eats, drinks and breathes the community he calls home, and has taught me that if you do the right things for the right reasons, people will support you.

The New York Power Authority fight in 2006 that is funding our waterfront transformation; the much-needed end to our blind Bass Pro pursuit; navigating beyond the near nuclear meltdown that was the Peace Bridge this summer; the first state park in Buffalo coming to the outer harbor for the low price of $2 – all of these weren’t happenstance. The congressman and his dedicated staff fight these fights, big and small, every day.

Few in politics can say they’ve grown as professionally and personally as I have without a hint of cynicism. While construction trucks and cranes continue reshaping our skyline, Western New York has a leader, partner and one of its own fighting tooth and nail in Brian Higgins.

Nick Brousse

Arlington, Va.

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