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Letter: Government must work better to restore the nation to glory

Government must work better to restore the nation to glory

Relieve everyone in the federal government of their duties, and convert to a government “of, for and by the people,” instead of one that is of, for and by the rich and well-connected. Submit all policy issues to a national vote where the majority rules.

Citizens vote by texting to a pre-determined number on their ever-present cell phone. Possible topics for voting: Invade Syria, or save precious lives and tons of money by minding our own business? Abolish the Internal Revenue Service, convert to a consumption tax, making every single person and business contribute, or continue our disgraceful 16,000-page tax code with thousands of loopholes?

Stay in the United Nations, or create a genuine humanitarian “coalition of the willing” to help the hungry (and deny membership to Russia and China)? Maintain 700 military bases overseas, or save billions, bring home all the troops, then “unleash hell” on anyone foolish enough to attack us? Stockpile tons of expensive weapons capable of killing people 23 times over, or keep just enough to kill people once? Spend billions on foreign aid, or devote 100 percent to “domestic aid,” rebuilding infrastructure and improving America?

Waste billions of dollars on welfare, or abolish it completely over two years, while providing free comprehensive job training? Allow unlimited immigration, or create limits, provide free training to speak, read and write English and force immigrants into a well-defined path to citizenship?

The future of our children is threatened by a group of politicians so inept, each could get stuck in the middle of a pushup. I’m a fed-up die-hard no-nonsense American patriot, sick of political lies, deceit and corruption. It’s time to step up to the plate, unleash a wave of patriotism unknown to man and restore the glory that once made this country so great!

Dennis Regan


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