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Cruz showed he cares for no one but himself

Ted Cruz would smile through a nuclear attack. He doesn’t care about the American people. He only cares about his agenda, which he pushes at all costs. He simply has no flexibility (nor will he ever), no common sense and no political acumen – essential ingredients of any politician.

He brought the American people (and the world economies, for that matter) to the edge of financial disaster and would have ridden right off into the abyss had his own party (weak-kneed as it is) not stopped him. Texas, you can have him.

I really would like to see him nominated as the Republican presidential candidate for 2016. And have him pick Rush Limbaugh as his VP. Then we could really see the politics of destruction played out in full for what they are – the meanest, most narrow-minded, un-American values this country has ever seen.

George McNally


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