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Judge sets new parameters on environmental sampling

LOCKPORT – A judge ruled Tuesday that plaintiffs in the new Love Canal case, and their attorneys, aren’t allowed to take environmental samples within the Love Canal area without giving four days’ notice to the other side, as well as state and federal agencies.

State Supreme Court Justice Richard C. Kloch Sr., who now has control of the $113 million case that has bounced between state and federal courts this year, granted the limits sought by Glenn Springs Holdings, one of numerous corporate defendants in suits brought by five Love Canal-area families who charge that they’ve run into health problems they blame on toxic chemicals leaking from the old landfill.

A sewer repair job Jan. 11, 2011 on Colvin Boulevard that discharged chemicals was the trigger for the lawsuit. Attorney Peter A. Kraus said Kloch’s ruling hurts other potential plaintiffs he represents, because he won’t be able to seek testing of samples from the neighborhood.

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