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Local funeral directors are warning families about a scam seeking to bilk grieving families out of money for flowers they neither ordered nor received from a Florida company.

The National Funeral Directors Association has warned about families who have received invoices charging them $75 for floral arrangements for their loved one’s funeral. The invoice lists the dead person’s name, the date of the funeral, the funeral home involved and a post office box in Cape Coral, Fla. for payment of the professional-looking invoice.

That information apparently has been taken from obituaries posted on funeral-home websites or possibly printed in local newspapers.

Potential victims are encouraged to check with their funeral home before paying the bills. In at least one local case, a family called the funeral home asking why it received a bill for the flowers.

“It’s a wake-up call,” said Anthony P. Amigone Jr., of Amigone Funeral Home. “Don’t pay a bill that you don’t recall charging.”

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