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Gigi E. Grizanti, Candidate for Tonawanda Town Board

Gigi E. Grizanti

Candidate for Tonawanda Town Board

Lines on Ballot: Republican, Conservative, Independence

Age: 51

Number of years living in town: 43

Occupation/Employer: Currently Self Employed Human Resources Consultant

Top campaign platform agendas:

Our Town government is not all rainbows and butterflies like the current Town Board would like you to believe. Their campaign slogan “promises made promise kept” is misleading. Yes, term limits were adopted but the current Town Board members exempted themselves.

Yes, they gave up health coverage, but it’s easy to give up what you do not need and is already available to you through other public/government coverage. And yes, residents were provided with totes for their trash which helped reduce a rodent problem, but they were not free. The money used to pay for totes was the reserve to fund capping the Town land fill. When the time comes to cap that landfill, where will the money come from?

I will utilize my financial auditing skills and carefully scrutinize Town contracts and expenses looking for cost savings opportunities.

I will explore shared services and facilities within Town departments and our local schools and other Municipalities, leverage joint buying power, eliminate duplicate services and implement cost savings strategies.

I will welcome residents who come to the Town Board without ridicule or contempt and make sure they receive a written, if not personal, response to their issues.

I will treat all Town workers with the respect they deserve regardless of political affiliation or ideology.

I will support the hiring of the best candidates for Town positions regardless of political affiliation or ideology.

I will ensure Town employee contracts are negotiated timely and not delayed until days before Election Day. Delays in contract negations are not only disrespectful, but a distraction to the employee’s dedicated services to Town residents.

I want to ensure that the Town tax payers dollars are spent to benefit all residents in the most fair, efficient and unbiased manner.

Biggest issues facing the town:

Declining tax base and population. I also am concerned that there is no budget plan in the event Tonawanda Coke decides to close which is a distinct possibility considering the fines they may face in the near future. Failure to be proactive in this scenario could be catastrophic to the Towns tax basis and the Town’s budget for 2014 and going forward.

I also feel a one party rule, regardless of which party it is, is bad for government. The Town desperately needs a two-party government with checks and balances to promote a fair and unbiased process. I believe that is key to a healthy democracy and to ensure that the interests of all residents and taxpayers are represented. If the current Town Board believed in term limits they shouldn’t have exempted themselves.

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