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Walter Rooth III, candidate for Hamburg town supervisor

Walter Rooth III

Candidate for Hamburg town supervisor

Lines on ballot: Democrat, Working Families

Age: 45

Number of years living in town: 45

Occupation/employer: Attorney in private practice

Top campaign platform agendas:

• Repair the image of the town

• Stop unnecessary costly lawsuits

• Real tax relief and eliminate wasteful spending

• Reform Hamburg IDA

• Protect neighborhoods from improper zoning

• Improve town recreation facilities

Biggest issues facing the town:

We need to repair the image of our town. We are involved in unnecessary lawsuits, paying excessive legal fees to outside counsel, and are unable to treat each other with the proper respect under the current administration.

We need management controls on overspending and I will institute monthly department head reviews of spending. Overtime will be monitored and reduced. I will not take the Supervisor’s take home SUV nor will I request a pay raise during my term.

I will evaluate projects such as Woodlawn Beach State Park. Woodlawn Beach State Park is a jewel on our shores. We need to work to keep it open with New York State to find some arrangement where it is not an unnecessary financial burden for our Town, especially in light of New York State takeover of Gallagher Beach and the Small Boat Harbor.

We need to reform the Hamburg IDA. I will assure that the tax breaks are used properly to attract new businesses with new employment to our Town. I will eliminate tax breaks for businesses that are merely moving from town to town shopping for breaks.

I will insure that the zoning laws are used properly to maintain the character of our neighborhoods.

I will provide funding to pave the soccer and lacrosse parking lots. I will replace playground equipment that is over 40 years old. I will also refurbish Hamburg Town Beach facilities including the boat launch.

Our Police Department administration needs to be streamlined to place more officers on the street.


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