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Mike Sherry, candidate for Orchard Park town board (2-year term)

Mike Sherry

Candidate for Orchard Park town board

Lines on ballot: Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Independence

Age: 54

Number of years living in town: 44

Occupation/employer: Executive director of operations at Christ the King Seminary and retired assistant chief of Orchard Park Police Department.

Top campaign platform agendas:

A. Serving.

Governance necessarily includes the responsibility to establish policies, direction and practices which will ensure the efficient and effective delivery of services and outcomes. Increasing community expectations and changing technologies, professional standards and skill requirements complicate the requirement of elected officials to balance competing priorities across social, economic, environmental and fiscal dimensions. It is, consequently, imperative that governance include short- and long-term planning which is conversant, integrated, and results-driven and measured. We will provide leadership that is eager to serve the needs, interests and desires of our community, inspires trust, and strategically promotes superior performance and outcomes.

B. Protecting.

The residents of Orchard Park want a smart and lean government that delivers the high quality services they want and are paying for. Both the Town of Orchard Park Comprehensive Plan (2007) and the Orchard Park Development Committee Strategic Plan (2008) identify the need to preserve our open spaces, natural resources, and well-designed residential neighborhoods as a quality of life matter. We will protect the value of residents’ tax dollars by enhancing services while controlling costs, and we will be vigilant to guard our open spaces and the integrity of our neighborhoods.

C. Strengthening.

Both the Town of Orchard Park Comprehensive Plan (2007) and the Orchard Park Development Committee Strategic Plan (2008) acknowledge the need to promote residential and business development. Growth is important to our community. But it should be managed so that new development fits harmoniously into the fabric of the town and its diverse environments. We will develop and implement growth management strategies that promote residential and business development consistent with the character and services of our community.

You can also find the Core Ideals I will advocate for under section V (pp. 6-8) of the strategic plan I have written: http://mikesherryop.com/strategic-plan/

Biggest issues facing the town:

I have written position pieces on the issues that are critical for Orchard Park, namely, [1] community recreation (especially youth and seniors), [2] smart growth, [3] strategic public budgeting, [4] labor-management relations, and [5] police service. These pieces reflect my intentions, while the strategic plan I have written identifies many of the concrete objectives and initiatives I will advocate for in order to drive these matters forward.

1. http://mikesherryop.com/community-recreation/ In addition, see the published article relating to a new senior center, “Honoring Our Mothers and Fathers in Orchard Park” - http://mikesherryop.com/political-articles/

2. http://mikesherryop.com/smart-growth/ In this piece I propose the criterion.

3. http://mikesherryop.com/strategic-public-budgeting/ In this piece I propose movement towards “outcomes” budgeting. The strategic plan contains other concrete budgeting measures.

4. http://mikesherryop.com/labor-management-relations/ Having been a union leader and a manager, I propose a change in this typically adversarial relationship and have already begun speaking with union leaders about such a change.

5. http://mikesherryop.com/police-service/ Public safety, and especially policing, is a top priority at every level within our country. Having lived in Orchard Park for almost the entirety of my life, and having served it first as a volunteer firefighter and then as a police officer for twenty-five years, I have a privileged insight into the reciprocal value and pride our community and police department place in each other.


* All information submitted by candidate.

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