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Michael P. Quinn Jr., candidate for Hamburg town board (4-year term)

Lines on ballot: Democrat, Working Families

Age: 39

Number of years living in town: 34 years, with the exception of my three years of active duty military service and two years in an apartment in the City of Buffalo.

Occupation/employer: Trial attorney for Collins & Collins Attorneys

Top campaign platform agendas:

1. Bringing civility, transparency, and professionalism back to the Town Board,

2. Providing increased business opportunities and ensuring a sufficient tax base without interfering with the residents’ quality of life,

3. Increased waterfront access and finalizing construction on railroad crossing quiet zones.

Biggest issues facing the town:

Zoning: There have been a few zoning issues which have caused the current Town Board to come under scrutiny. The residents are unhappy with the Board’s decisions to further industrialize our town at the expense of the residents’ quality of life. As a town board member, I would embrace our Comprehensive Plan as it relates to our residents’ quality of life and formulate feasible alternatives for developers and businesses emphasizing all that our town has to offer.

Taxes: While my opponent has claimed to have lowered taxes, this has been done at the expense of the taxpayer. Property assessments have gone up, along with various costs and fees, even with the funds provided by the racino.

I would like to create a town budget advisory committee, made up of learned volunteer residents from any political party, to offer guidance on budgetary issues presented before the Town Board. This committee of residents will ensure transparency, and hopefully groom future leaders of our town, who will have already been trained in the processes of negotiation, teamwork, and transparency.


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