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Letter: End corporate welfare to help reduce deficit

End corporate welfare to help reduce deficit

I know enough about the federal deficit to be dangerous, but we hear so much talk about bloated federal departments that it makes me wonder if that problem is also one of the cures of our deficit. Have you wondered what would happen if we reduced every federal program (there are thousands of them) by 10 percent?

And what would happen if we dramatically reduced or eliminated the hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of corporate welfare? Examples could include the Mining Act of 1872, drug research welfare, sports stadium funding, casino funding, millionaire welfare farmers, oil and gas subsidies, and use of federal lands and parks for very low fees. The list could go on and on, but heaven forbid that we take cash out of our politicians’ pockets when they go after re-election “contributions.”

One last thought: Many of the largest corporations moved blue-collar jobs overseas, hired cheaper employees, then produced and sent the products back to the United States. Too many people complain that the poor are lazy and not working. Well, folks, their jobs were moved beyond their reach by greedy corporations. Possible answer? Hit these corporations with a tariff when they move those cheaper products back into the United States and offset the federal deficit with those funds. So much for my rambling. Let’s hear your ideas.

Philip Wiggle


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