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Letter: Covanta project is good for economy, environment

Covanta project is good for economy, environment

Covanta has been a good neighbor, employer and economic engine in Niagara Falls for over 25 years. Despite the fact that the company is proposing a $30 million investment in its waste-to-energy facility, there seems to be some misinformation about the project.

This facility has always operated safely and significantly below its permitted threshold for air emissions and this will continue with planned substantial infrastructure investments. The company will not be burning more waste nor does its request state otherwise. Covanta only wants to change how waste is delivered, by moving from trucks to rail. The amount of waste processed at the facility will not increase, remaining at its current level as per its operating permit.

Covanta provides a critically important energy source for surrounding industry in the form of steam. All of the companies in this industrial corridor rely on each other for various supplies and services and if one is negatively impacted, it affects everyone. Covanta is the green energy anchor in the corridor that makes it all work. The steam energy Covanta supplies to neighboring businesses supports more than 600 industrial jobs in Niagara Falls.

Facility upgrades at Covanta consisting of a new steam line and a natural gas steam boiler will provide steam for the new Greenpac paper mill project, as well as enhance steam generating capacity for existing businesses. A new rail spur to be built on remediated land will significantly reduce the number of trucks accessing local roadways and will serve to reduce the pollution from associated diesel emissions. Rather than negatively impacting the Niagara Falls region, Covanta’s rail and land clean-up projects will provide meaningful benefits to the environment while creating new, well-paying local jobs.

The Covanta project is good for the economy and the environment and is exactly what Niagara Falls needs.

Kory Schuler

Director of Government Affairs

Niagara USA Chamber of Commerce

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