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Janis Colarusso, candidate for Orchard Park town supervisor

Janis Colarusso

Candidate for Orchard Park town supervisor

Lines on ballot: Democrat, Working Families

Age: 56

Number of years living in town: I was born in Orchard Park in 1957. I attended and graduated from the Orchard Park School District from kindergarten right up until 1976 when I graduated. Since then I have lived in and out of town. In 1983, I moved back into Orchard Park and have permanently lived here.

Occupation/employer: Orchard Park town supervisor

Top campaign platform agendas:

• Monitor the updated budget that has been established in the police department and the dispatch area within. Public Safety is priority #1.

• The Town needs to find a new and/or existing building to house the Orchard Park Seniors. The population of seniors is getting larger every day, especially with the baby boomers getting older. The present center is only 7,000 square feet and is obstructed by walls, bathrooms, offices, etc. The lunch room holds 70 seniors and there are only 25 parking spaces in the lot.

• Commercial property is a priority. Presently the Town has two BIG projects under construction: Ellicott Development (the old Saville’s property) and the Krog Corp., (Rt. 20A at the 219). Once these projects are completed, the sales tax monies for the town will increase, which helps offset the budget each year.

Biggest issues facing the town:

The Town of Orchard Park is in good shape. The police department, seniors, and commercial property are at top of my list. The only issue I foresee (along with the future board) will be making sure we spend the resident tax dollars wisely. Providing recreational services to all ages of the community can be beneficial, but at the same time, taxpayers’ monies need to be spent wisely.


* All information submitted by candidate.

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