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Gene Majchrzak, candidate for Orchard Park town board (4-year term)

Gene Majchrzak

Candidate for Orchard Park town board

Lines on ballot: Republican, Conservative

Age: 58

Number of years living in town: 13

Occupation/employer: Sales engineer for Uponor Infra

Top campaign platform agendas:

1. As you know 2.5 years ago one of our board members was pushing to eliminate the Police Department and use the services of the County Sheriff’s Department. Responding to public concern about keeping our police and emergency services and not contracting them out, I was the strong advocate to keep both of these services in Orchard Park.

2. Solving drainage and flooding issues throughout the town. Waterline improvements on Timberlake Drive, Baker Road reconstruction, Bussendorfer Road drainage and Green Lake Dam reconstruction.

3. Cost Containment and staying within the 2 percent cap.

Biggest issues facing the town:

1. State unfunded mandates – being responsible with union negotiations, addressing needs before wants.

2. Climbing construction costs to solve our drainage and flooding issues – more in house work (in-kind) and phase projects over a period of time.

3. Public Safety will always be an issue – that is why we have revamped our police department and have been involved with the Orchard Park Police Foundation and pushing to return a K-9 unit to the dept.

The major issues are drugs, theft, DWI, DUI.


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