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Tips for a first-time visitor to the new recliner rooms at the AMC Maple Ridge 8

The theater makeover that has come to Maple Ridge 8 in Amherst has changed the way patrons will see movies there, and some new factors might surprise a first-time viewer. Here are some tips to smooth the experience.

• Buy your tickets online if possible. The number of seats in the theaters has been drastically reduced, and the shows sell out. If you are able to get tickets at the last minute, they might not be together.

• When you go online to book your seats, check the date and time and then check it again to make sure you are ordering what you want.

• If you do buy tickets for the wrong day, or find that you cannot attend a movie for which you have tickets, you can cancel the tickets by going to the box office and presenting the same credit card you used to make the reservation, said Ryan Noonan, AMC director of public relations.

• Use a credit card rather than PayPal when you buy your tickets online and you can skip standing in the box office line. Just bring that credit card to the theater and use kiosks to print out your tickets.

• If you do have to stand in line, prepare for a wait. It moves slooowly. People in front of you who are buying tickets will be looking at seat plans of the theaters to pick out their seats and that takes a lot more time than “Two adults for ‘Rush.’ ”

• A ticket is required for each child age 2 or older, even if they will share the parents’ seat. Also, every child that will sit in a car seat or carrier will need his or her own seat.

• Tickets are cheaper for matinees and for non-3-D shows, but range from $4.50 for a matinee child’s ticket during the week to $12 for a weekend evening 3-D show for an adult.

• Keep your ticket. Don’t lose it while buying popcorn or deciding how many flavors to include in your drink at the mind-boggling Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. The usher will need to see your ticket to show you to your seat.

• The controls for the recliner are next to your leg on the outside armrest; the person seated on the left side of each two-recliner pair will have the controls on the left and the person seated on the right side of the paired recliners will have the controls on the right. The controls are set in an almost invisible black plastic circle. You press the back of the circle to recline and the front of the circle to sit up.

• You may find that when you recline the chair fully, you are looking at the ceiling. Unless you like supporting your head with your hands, hammock-style, or staring at the screen with your eyes half-closed, bring a jacket or soft item you can place under your head for elevation. When fully reclined without head support, people wearing bifocals might find it difficult to get the screen in focus.


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