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Letter: It’s absurd to compare pregnancy to gardening

It’s absurd to compare pregnancy to gardening

I was struck by the fanciful, straw-man argument in a recent letter in The News. A doctor feels put upon because many men and women in this country firmly believe that a fetus growing in a womb is a baby. A belief in God, he alleges, partially drives this wrongheaded notion. And anyone fighting for that ideal is an enemy of the state.

But what was equally absurd was his description of a fetus as a plant with potential; the pregnant woman is both the garden and the gardener. He goes on to say that a fetus is not a person in the same way that an egg is not a chicken. I am not making this up.

I wonder how many young couples contemplating having children think of it as, to use the doctor’s metaphor, planting a garden. Or the act of giving birth as akin to a harvest. So let’s carry forward the doctor’s garden/gardener metaphor. The doctor must also believe that a carrot growing in the ground is not a carrot until it is pulled from the soil. And if this maturing or near fully grown carrot isn’t yanked up from the ground, then it was never a carrot in the first place.

Even though a developing carrot in the ground may be smaller than a fully grown carrot, isn’t it still a carrot? And if one would push away the dirt surrounding the growing tuber, wouldn’t one see a carrot?

Men and women who believe in and advocate for the sanctity of life are not enemies of the state. They just have a different belief system than his. One would think that they were the ones who took the Hippocratic Oath.

William E. Leggiero Jr.


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