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Letter: Every human life has an inherent dignity

Every human life has an inherent dignity

I strongly disagree with a recent letter writer and the “great many people” who do not see that there is a “war on babies,” and despite the doctor’s accusations, my beliefs are not built on “unproven and unprovable assumptions.”

Believing in the existence of God is not necessary to understand that abortion is murder. Anyone capable of sound thinking can make this conclusion unguided. However, once human life is not considered “special, unique and sacred,” an inevitable decline begins. Frankly, by presenting “the pregnant woman as garden and gardener,” he gives a great example of such. Because in the garden, some see roses where others see weeds, and under the guise of freedom they reach for a bottle of weed killer.

Every human life has an inherent dignity and thus should be treated with respect. It’s a scientific fact that life begins at conception. To imply that some human beings do not deserve to be treated as persons based on stage of development undermines not just the life of such beings before birth, but also after. Did not the mighty oak tree develop from the tiny acorn? What every pregnant woman is carrying inside of her is not a potential life, but a life with potential.

When pro-lifers “rail” against the opposition, it’s an effort to limit the number of abortions in hope of one day arriving at a point where it’s no longer practiced. When we speak, it’s to bring awareness of the value of all human life and present better choices to those frightened by an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. In the end, the doctor can use his voice to speak for the “unconvinced.” In the meantime, I’ll be using mine to defend the voiceless, or as he puts it, the “helpless innocent in dire need of protection from evil.”

Ricky J. Warnes


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