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Letter: Ramirez’s cartoons sinking to new lows

Ramirez’s cartoons sinking to new lows

As the Republican Party slides further into desperate disarray, its paid hacks in the media grow increasingly more strident. Case in point is Michael Ramirez, so-called political cartoonist, whose incoherent scrawlings regularly devalue The News’ Opinion Page. During the recent government shutdown/debt default crisis – a crisis most sane observers believe was caused unilaterally by the increasingly out-of-touch right wing of the GOP – Ramirez’s message sank to absurdly new lows. He has absolutely nothing to say except, “blame Obama for everything.”

There is only one fortunate thing about Ramirez. His drawing style is so cramped and grotesque – certainly mirroring the contents of his mind – that his message (if one can call it that) increasingly gets lost in a brain-dead jumble of compositional ineptitude. George Orwell once remarked about a well-known artist: “His talent extends no further than his elbow.” With Ramirez, it doesn’t even get that far.

David Goddard


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