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Letter: Gaughan gives his all during every endeavor

Gaughan gives his all during every endeavor

I met Kevin Gaughan at the beginning of his citizens’ movement to reform town government in Evans. I was one of his downsizing captains.

Observing him in both his public and personal life, I’ve seen the energy and caring that he devotes to all his work, professional and personal. I’m not surprised that he encountered financial difficulties during the period he cared for his ailing mother. When Gaughan takes on a responsibility, he gives his all.

Many of us know that hardships caused by medical, end-of-life challenges can disrupt our lives, including financial matters. He took responsibility for his tax obligation, disclosed his debt and has managed it to the satisfaction of the government.

Just as he was consumed with caring for his mother, Gaughan was consumed with his idea for saving money for Evans taxpayers. During months of showing people how they could cut government costs, he expressed his care for Evans. Every town taxpayer benefited from his work, which by the way, he did for no pay.

Evans politics has taught me that if the debate on issues can’t be won, personal attacks are soon to follow. The downsizing movement showed me that Gaughan cares for his fellow citizens. My sense is that he will care for every Erie County resident in any endeavor he undertakes.

Edward G. Schneider III


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