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Letter: City residents applaud posting of johns’ photos

City residents applaud posting of johns’ photos

I must take exception to the East Amherst writer’s opinion that pictures of “johns” should not be posted by the Buffalo Police Department because they will hurt their families. While I cannot argue with his point that this pictorial campaign will not ultimately banish prostitution entirely from this area, I do wonder if this is just another boys’ club complaint. Why does this man from the suburbs care so much about johns frequenting hookers in Buffalo?

Well, we residents of the city care a lot, because we have to put up with this nonsense day and night. When my husband leaves for work at 3 or 4 in the morning he is signaled by several different prostitutes looking for their next victim. One of them even jumped into the passenger seat of his unlocked car while he was at a stoplight. Last month, a drugged-out hooker stood on our street corner lifting her shirt to show her wares. Used condoms litter our community. Anything the police can do to stop any of these men from coming to our neighborhood for sex on the streets is much appreciated.

Prostitution is a dangerous profession, and we are grateful for the policewomen who risk their lives posing as decoys. As for the “misguided men” and their families (one-third of whom are from the suburbs), the best way to protect their families is for them to stop this behavior. These men have broken the law, some of them not only for solicitation but for possession of drugs. If they had hit a pedestrian and been charged with DWI, their picture would be all over the newspaper and TV. If they had been arrested for perpetrating a Ponzi scheme, robbing a bank or sexually assaulting a child, even more publicity would ensue. If they’re lucky, the family won’t find out. If the family is lucky, they will find out in time to get tested for disease and lock down the marital funds, and maybe even toss the cheating bum out. If posting their pictures on the Internet is an effective deterrent, I’m all for it.

Tracey Palmer


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