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County clerk doing away with license plate ‘perk’

Motorists traveling with license plates containing the “desirable prefixes” of “EC” or “ER” won’t necessarily be the sign of political insiders any more.

That’s because Erie County Clerk Christopher L. Jacobs announced Friday he is doing away with a long-held traditional perk of the office allowing the county clerk to dole out a limited number of plates with those prefixes. Jacobs announced plans to end the practice and said he plans to list all of the available license plate prefixes “for all citizens” on the county’s website with a simple request form.

“Plates will then be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis,” Jacobs said. “My goal here is to remove any perception of favoritism in awarding these plates.”

Prefixes other than “EC” or “ER” that the clerk also has available are “B,” “BF,” “BL,” “BU,” “CE,” and “E.”

All will cost the same as a typical license plate – $28.75. About 70 of the plates are currently available.

The plates are only issued for passenger vehicles.

For motorists interested in the special “clerk plates,” and to view them, visit or contact the Erie County Auto Bureau’s call center at 858-7450.

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