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Tax dollars being wasted on Guantanamo prisoners

You can’t make this stuff up. Word of how our tax dollars are spent at Guantanamo Bay comes with some health-related concerns.

It seems an Egyptian prisoner who has been detained for 11 years has ballooned from 210 to 420 pounds during his incarceration. While many Americans go to bed hungry, this guy seems to be doing fine. He is now considered morbidly obese. Can’t someone get this guy a salad? While 17 of the 164 inmates are on a hunger strike, this guy must be eating their dinners.

While Americans try to navigate the Affordable Care Act to get health care for their families, these 164 detainees have more than 100 doctors, nurses and health care professionals to take care of them. One detainee had a medical condition that required $400,000 worth of care and supplies sent to Gitmo and then he refused treatment. Do you think anybody asked him if he wanted treatment before they sent all of those items? Like Casey Stengel once said when he was managing the horrible Mets, “Can’t anybody here play this game?”

You can’t make this stuff up.

Whitey Nichols


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