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Letter: Forego the amenities, take care of essentials

Forego the amenities, take care of essentials

The front page of the paper recently printed a picture of a man outside his late mother’s house, which showed extensive roof damage. Included in the photo were a satellite dish and an air conditioner.

Meanwhile, down at City Hall, the comptroller, an action-oriented politician, was striving to shovel money out the door and into the community. Alas, because of Buffalo’s “history of problems” in its use of HUD funds, aka corruption, an uncaring bureaucrat is subjecting the process to a strenuous audit. At this point, many readers undoubtedly teared up.

A more inclusive story could have created the proverbial teachable moment, had the reporter also interviewed a federal income tax filer who had foregone amenities over the years, and perhaps with financial help from family members, fixed her own roof. Talk about a sad story!

Such additional information would have enlightened the sympathetic to the idea that there are some people who sacrifice personal conveniences to keep up their own property, while also paying income tax. This enables elected officials to often thwart the mean-spirited bureaucrats, and dispense funds to those sitting in air-conditioned rooms watching satellite television.

The comprehensive presentation would help citizens understand why our country is so polarized politically; a concept that seems to leave many perplexed.

Timothy Leary


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