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Letter: New technology reveals truths about the unborn

New technology reveals truths about the unborn

It was amusing to read the Oct. 12 letter, “Pro-lifers need to stop forcing beliefs on others.” The writer, a physician, utilizes the pro-choice semantical magical wand to change the nature of a thing. Does he know that in Latin, “fetus” means “young one” or “offspring,” a category that can be used quite far into the life cycle?

I used to think like the doctor until I discovered the medical specialty of fetology – the treatment of the unborn, which includes medication, transfusions and surgery. Then, the unborn is called the “second patient.” That would be a person. What’s the difference between an aborted young one and a “second patient”? The first is unwanted, the second is wanted. What’s the scientific, medical or even ontological difference? None. This is not belief, religious or otherwise. It is fact.

The unborn learn language in the womb – they react to sound. When born, they recognize their mother’s voice. Fact.

The doctor really should educate himself on the latest technology. View a 4-D ultrasound. Then perhaps, if he has an open mind, he will emerge from his uneducated “belief.”

Helen Westover


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