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Lake Shore science teacher named to governor’s Master Teachers Program

Jeffrey Salerno, a Lake Shore Central High School science teacher, has joined an elite group of educators.

Salerno has been selected as a member of the inaugural group of educators in Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s Master Teachers Program.

The governor announced that 105 teachers from 63 school districts in the state, including 29 teachers in Western New York, were being recognized as the best in their subject areas.

“This is a great accomplishment and honor for him, as well as for us,” Lake Shore Superintendent James Przepasniak said at Tuesday’s meeting of the Lake Shore Central School Board. “It is really an honor to have one of our teachers named to this very prestigious group.”

According to Przepasniak, the Master Teacher’s Program was set up by the governor to recognize and reward outstanding math and science teachers, who will then mentor other teachers throughout the state.

Salerno, who has been a teacher at Lake Shore since September 1989, is certified in physics and general science for grades seven through 12.

“We really are proud of him and his work,” Przepasniak said. “Now he will be sharing his experience, knowledge and dedication with other teachers.”

Also at the meeting, the board heard from Debra Zevetchin, director of the public accounting firm Toski & Co, PC, that the district passed the latest audit with flying colors.

According to Zevetchin, the audit was clear, everything was in order and they had an “excellent report.”

The only concern raised by Zevetchin was that the district’s reserves have declined in the past few years, as the district took out money to help cover the loss of funding from the state and to prevent large tax rate increases.

“We were commended for our efforts to cut expenses by energy conservation methods, changing and consolidating bus routes and consolidating the elementary schools,” Przepasniak said. “We all are aware of the fact we had to take tens of thousands from the reserves in the past few years, to make the budget work. We are hoping that not only will we not need to dip into those funds anymore, but actually rebuild them.”

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