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Lack of action on noisy Newstead bar draws complaints

Several Newstead residents complained to the Town Board this week that it has not done enough to silence a noisy concert venue, blaming the racket for a litany of ills.

The complaints stem from the live concerts at Braun’s Bar and Grill in Newstead. The bar opened Braun’s Concert Cove behind the bar in 2012, and area residents have been suffering ever since, said Linda Jackson, who lives close to the venue in Quarry Hill Estates.

“The bass, it gets in your house and causes headaches,” she said at Monday’s meeting. “I try to plug my ears, but I can still feel it. Your heart goes and your brain goes with the thumping.”

Braun’s put up a cover over the concert area earlier in the year, but it’s not enough, Jackson said.

“Have you looked into having someone go out and take a look at putting a foundation under (the cover), and putting a barrier up so the bass isn’t shaking the ground?” she asked. “Because that’s what happening.”

The board has not considered asking Braun’s to put in a foundation, Supervisor Donald Cummings said, but he would add it to the agenda going forward. “We’ll have a professional take a look at it,” he said.

The board was supposed to have someone look into the situation last month, Jackson said. “Correct,” Cummings said. “We have not had him out there yet.”

The issue has “dragged on for months,” said Dick Sutton, another resident of Quarry Hill Estates. “It shouldn’t take that long for you guys to put your heads together and come up with something,” he said. “It’s totally ridiculous.”

The board is close to presenting possible solutions, Cummings said. “We are probably one meeting away from finishing some changes we made to the permit, which will include some noise regulations,” he said. “We hope to have that done by the end of this month, and we’ll have a public hearing in November on it.” Cummings would like the new permit in place by the end of November, he said.

Until there’s something put in place to reduce the bass emanating from the venue, residents will continue to be upset, Jackson said. “We’re all going to be miserable,” she said.

In other board news, a public hearing will be held on Monday, at 7:55 p.m. Oct. 28 in Town Hall, 5 Clarence Center Road, Akron, to discuss the 2014-17 fire contract for the town.

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