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The Buzz: The Book, the booby and the bottle in the basement

The frugal get frantic

The sun is setting on the 2013 Entertainment Book, and the days are getting shorter. The panic! At least there are some coupons we don’t mind wasting. The Entertainment Book, it ain’t what it used to be. A few coupons are now buy one entree, get the second half price. A few are even more tight-fisted. One West Seneca place gives you $5 off a total bill of $35. A joint in Blasdell offers $10 off a total bill of $60, and that excludes alcohol. Can they spare it? Luckily, there are still generous stalwarts. The Scotch and Sirloin, a legend in the coupon world, sticks to its generous guns. Their coupon is a $15 buy-one-get one. Plus, it allows you up to three coupons per party, one for every two people! All coupons are good only through October. Eaters, start your engines.

Bird’s eye view

The rare bird called the brown booby – because it has brown feathers, plus it is said to be not very smart – is the squawk of the town. Folks are still gawking at it through telescopes and calling radio stations, making schoolboy puns on its name. We can’t help but wonder whether the booby is watching us, chalking up human sightings the way we chalk up bird sightings. If so, it must be bummed. Picture its diary: “The Blue-and-Red Tufted Buffalo Bills Fan? I added that to my life list when I was still a chick. The Backward-Baseball-Cap-Wearing Youth? He is so common! It’s my first time this year for the Tweedy UB Professor. But it’s not as if he’s exotic. Awk! Awk! Why did I fly to Buffalo, anyway? I really must be as stupid as they say.”

Sour grapes

The trouble with our new Trader Joe’s is that here in New York, we don’t get their wine section. They do have beer! People posted pictures on Facebook of a six pack that went for something like $6. But no wine (we whine). No $1.99 Charles Shaw, the quaff known affectionately as Two-Buck Chuck. Well, we’ll look on the bright side. Googling around, we find that Two-Buck Chuck is now Two-and-a-Half Buck Chuck. Another few cents, and it won’t be a big enough bargain for Buffalo.

Sunshine daydream

Buzz loves the fall eating season and we are not one to miss summer – until we saw the poll on the website of Terrapin Station, the Grateful Dead shop on Hertel. “What was your summer happy?” they asked. They provided the choices, including: Laughter, sunshine and gratitude: 7.4 percent. Checking out the free music everywhere: 6.4 percent. Hanging out in the parks: 1.1 percent. Playing my guitar and singing: 11.5 percent. Topping it out, at 27 percent, was: “I’m loving it all, whatever comes.” La la la la la.

The buzz

Speaking of the Dead, it was fun to see Melvin Seals and the Jerry Garcia Band at the Tralf last week. Everyone was in costume! It was like the World’s Largest Disco, only a different era. … Canadian Thanksgiving really is different from ours. A friend dined in Niagara-on-the-Lake on their Thanksgiving weekend. She reports that they peeled apart the Brussels sprouts so they were just a bunch of little leaves, and roasted them. A pious touch! But they made up for it. Our friend admired the presence, alongside the turkey, of deep-fried stuffing. They cut the stuffing into squares and deep-fried it! Let us give thanks for that culinary inspiration – and that we have a few weeks to get ready to copy it.


“Twirling in my big skirt.”

– The choice Buzz checked in Terrapin Station’s poll


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