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Letter: Officials have to work for good of the nation

Officials have to work for good of the nation

Once again, our elected officials have succeeded only in turning what could be considered one of the greatest democracies in history into the laughingstock of the world. Worse yet, they don’t realize what they’ve done because they are too busy blaming each other for causing the shutdown.

When will our elected officials grow up and start acting like adults? When will our elected officials realize that it’s not about Republican or Democrat ideas, or about holding one program hostage over funding for another? It’s about working together to reach consensus on the best option for the nation as a whole.

More importantly, when will we the people start to take our responsibility seriously? We enjoy tremendous freedom in this country, freedom that is the envy of the world, yet we forget that freedom isn’t free. Our country is founded on the premise that government is of the people and by the people. This premise is so important and so fundamental to our beliefs that our Constitution, the highest law of the land, starts out with these three words: “We The People.”

As citizens, we not only have the right, we have the obligation to vote for candidates who will set aside their own personal agendas and instead work responsibly together with their peers for the greater good of the nation.

As long as we the people are apathetic about our responsibility as citizens, and continue to elect political leaders who are more interested in pushing their own agenda rather than working together to solve real problems, we will doom our nation to ultimate failure.

James Maher III


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