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Gaughan is paying taxes, has much to offer voters

Kevin Gaughan has spent most of his professional life studying local government, holding public conferences on improving Western New York and giving people the power to change their government. Yet his political opponents try to paint him as irresponsible because he pays some of his taxes under an installment plan.

According to The News, Gaughan’s efforts have saved Erie County taxpayers $4.8 million per year. Voters across the county agreed with his ideas, and voted to downsize several local municipalities and the County Legislature. But because Gaughan fell behind while caring for a sick family member, and even though he pays down his debt as he can, his opponents would have us believe he has little to offer voters.

If any of us worked half as hard as Gaughan has to better our community, Erie County would be a much better place.

Dan Gigante


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