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Poem of the Week: ‘This simple act,’ by Mark C. Lloyd

By Mark C. Lloyd

The simple act

of a Dad

and his Daughter

walking a puppy

on an early Saturday morning

The carefree pup

a drama filled teen

She wishes she were prettier

and the teacher would like her

The simple act

of this cold November walk

He listens and is confused

he speaks

And like the pup

is easily distracted

She tells of her week

And the cold air forms sentences

They stop

watch a squirrel as it climbs a tree

They laugh

as the pup bounces from its leash at the furry gray


This simple act

she holds her Dad’s icy hand

calls the pups name

And they walk

And this simple act

of morning distractions

and the chilly vapors of her week

on this early frigid Saturday morning


as they cross the street

Poet, playwright and director MARK C. LLOYD lives in Lockport. This poem is from his new collection “Unfinished Symphony: Poetry & Prose” published by No Frills Buffalo Press.

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